Point Omega - Don DeLillo - 2010

Point Omega published by Scribner, February 2010 (ISBN-10: 1439169950, ISBN-13: 9781439169957, 117 pages, $24.00). No dedication. Point Omega Editions.

Here's the Scribner page for the book which now features a short excerpt of the book. Here's the Point Omega dust jacket copy.

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What it's about:
A scholar staying out in the desert is visited by a filmmaker who would like to do a project with the scholar. The scholar's daughter visits. The story is framed by two episodes in the Museum of Modern Art, where they real world art piece 24 Hour Psycho by Douglas Gordon is being projected.

First line:
Officially, it is this line: "There was a man standing against the north wall, barely visible." But Chapter 1 opens with this line: "The true life is not reducible to words spoken or written, not by anyone, ever."

What it's really about:
I'd say it's about the moving perception of time, mostly. Maybe also about tired old men who have made mistakes.

The image below was found out on amazon.com - it appears to be the UK cover image.

Here's the early short description: "A young filmmaker visits the desert home of a secret war advisor in the hopes of making a documentary. The situation is complicated by the arrival of the older man's daughter, and the narrative takes a dark turn."

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