Don DeLillo's Novels

I think my work has always been informed by mystery; the final answer, if there is one at all, is outside the book.

--DeLillo, from the 1988 DeCurtis interview

Don DeLillo has published seventeen novels under his own name since 1971, and here they are:

1971 - Americana
1972 - End Zone
1973 - Great Jones Street
1976 - Ratner's Star
1977 - Players
1978 - Running Dog
1982 - The Names
1985 - White Noise
1988 - Libra
1991 - Mao II
1997 - Underworld
2001 - The Body Artist
2003 - Cosmopolis
2007 - Falling Man
2010 - Point Omega
2016 - Zero K
2020 - The Silence

Also there's the pseudonymous Amazons in 1980 (written in collaboration with Sue Buck).

Pictures from New York magazine's Guide to the oeuvre of Don DeLillo (May 14, 2007 issue) divided into four categories: Classic, Recommended, For Fans Only, and Avoid. I don't fully agree with their rankings, but it's not bad.

Information on some of the many translations/editions of DeLillo's books around the world - lots of cool cover images:

Danish editions.

Dutch editions.

Finnish editions.

French editions.

German editions.

Hungarian editions.

Italian editions.

Japanese editions.

Polish editions.

Portuguese editions.

Romanian editions.

Russian editions.

Spanish editions.

Swedish editions.

Ukrainian editions.

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