All About List-O-Rama

What it's for...

List-O-Rama allows you to create and maintain lists of all sorts. Plus you can take a look at public lists made by other people.

Just a few examples...

Lists can be ranked or use dates, lists can be made using items from other lists.

Please note: if you make a list public, please keep it clean. Lists which generate complaints may be deleted without notice.

Recent improvements

2017-Aug-21: Technical updates to reflect use of PHP 5.6, with some bug fixes

2013-June-24: Added List-O-Rama Technical Notes

2013-May-26: Converted searches to overlays, and added checks for incomplete work

2013-May-21: Improved navigation - less clicks!

2013-May-15: Added email reminders functionality, along with email verification

2013-May-12: Added capability to label the date fields on dated lists.

A Look Inside List-O-Rama

Here's a sample To-Do list

Here's a sample To-Do list, with five items. Each item has a 'Target date' and you can set up the list so you'll get email reminders about upcoming items.

How do you create the items?

If you click the 'Add a List Item' button shown in the snapshot above, a List Item Edit area will open. Here you can enter the appropriate data for an item. Use 'Add' then 'Clear' to add a bunch of items quickly.

To get started, create the List header

By going to My Lists, and clicking 'Create a New List' you can set up the simple rules for the list. This example shows the setup for a To-Do list, where the date field labels can be set, and the reminder rules. Note that reminders are driven only by the first date, and will stop if the second date is populated on an item.

Who made List-O-Rama?

Curt Gardner in Portland, Oregon got it up and running in April 2013.

Copyright 2013, Curt Gardner