Amazons Dust Jacket Copy

Here's the copy from the original dust jacket:

Who is Cleo Birdwell?

The simple answer is that she's a New York Ranger, a schoolteacher's daughter from Badger, Ohio, who becomes the hottest thing in hockey.

"They wrote about my honey blond hair flying in the breeze, my silver skate blades flashing, my plucky work in the corners, my style, my stamina, my milky blue eyes, my taut ass and firm breasts, the nightmarish bruises on my downy white thighs."

Obviously, Cleo Birdwell is not your average NHL rookie. She showers alone, plays strip Monopoly in groups, and shares her apartment with a man who does involuntary deep knee bends. As always, Cleo tries to see the humor in the situation.

Here is the world of modern men and women. It is a dialogue carried on in bangs and whimpers. The sexes engage in foot races, fencing matches, hockey fights, junk food arguments, and other insults to the brain.

Among the injured is general manger Sanders Meade, a man sexually shattered by Vietnam, Watergate, and Iran. Among the missing is players' agent Floss Penrose, who is pursuing her neurotic obsession (tennis star Archie Brewster) across Asia and Latin America. Among the near-dead is sportscaster Merle Halverson, who has a swimming pool-shaped kidney.

Cleo Birdwell is not just a woman who plays hockey with men. She also cooks ("the whole experience was impressionistic"), cleans ("I washed his privates with a soapy cloth"), and nurses her roommate through a siege of deep sleep. She wants to write and likes to read. It's not her fault that she keeps running into men who share her passion for the "fortune-cookieish" books of Wadi Assad, author of The Barefoot Rose and The Heart-Shaped Moment.

Cleo goes to far when she says, "Too much innocence can burst the heart." But then she always goes to far. Her search for meaning is the same long, hard, dangerous mission that people have been undertaking for centuries.

Only funnier.

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Last updated: 08-JUN-96